Volume 43, Number 2 — Fall 2013

In this issue: Vikings marauding through our blood, Emily Dickinson's small sleigh bed, unbuttoning your heart one blood vessel at a time, cuddling a flour-sack baby, subterranean adolescents talking beauty in Mongolia, roses and maps on children's backs, a stolen dog, a welterweight son, and a glaciating landmass in sandalfoot nylons

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Caryl Pagel: Telephone; Mausoleum
Julia Whicker: Gravity Pick Lottery Machine; One Such Was; At the Drag Ball in My Mind You Are Wearing Blue Organza
Emily Wilson: The Great Medieval Yellows; Siphonophore; Painted Ladies; Voices and Words
Clemens Setz (trans. Peter Constantine): An 8 mm Movie from 1979; To the Reader; The Bicycle
Honorée Fanonne Jeffers: Mammy Know; Singing Counter; Try to Hide
Ardell Stauffer: Arithmetic
Suzanne Dracius (trans. Nancy Naomi Carlson): Négzagonale
René Char (trans. Nancy Naomi Carlson): Violent Rose; Lust
Katy Lederer: Eg0-Syntonic; Elegy; Autophagy; Envy
Farid Matuk: My Daughter La Chola Martina; My Daughter La Chola Near Sonnet
Nikia Chaney: It; jonesing
Leila Wilson: Beneath the Overpass
Natalia Toledo (trans. Clare Sullivan): Juchitecan Saying; Craft; Wild Cherry Sweets; Soursop; Still Life; [I saved my tears]
Vi Khi Nao: L I Q U I D  M U C U S; Shoulder Pads
Margaret Ross: Dissolution; Personal Life; Responder

Jen Fawkes: Rebirth of the Big Top
Nate Brown: Come Back to Me, Baby
Ellen Lesser: Rose
Debora Kuan: Dog Days of Winter
Steven W. Flores: The Pain of Becoming
Christine Herrmann: Blue Ridge

Molly McQuade: Emily's Bed; Haywork; Hey, Mr. Rey; What Bruno Drew
Natalie Vestin: Again-Walker
Thor R. Nystrom: Specter of Silence
David Jiménez (trans. Andrea Rosenberg): Eternal Beauty

Jackson Patterson: Recollected Memories