Volume 43, Number 1 — Spring 2013

Cover of Spring 2013 issue; artwork by the Combat Paper ProjectFeaturing the winner and finalists of the 2012 Jeff Sharlet Memorial Award for Veterans

In this issue: trading a Playboy for a hat, lines for telephone calls, lines for Rembrandt, lines along the circumferences of yams in the kitchen, killing time with muted baseball games and cheap metal detectors, a dusty dog and remembering to remember her name, supervillains with paralyzing beams, museums of drones, streets a latticework of fire, and what's morality to you? 

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Hugh Martin: Foot Patrol; Intravenous; Nocturne with IED; Ares; Winter, Kurdistan; The Neck in Front of You; Test Fire; The Tunnel at Red Creek; Memorial Day; Lieutenant Graves at La Bourse; Operation New Dawn
Michael White: Vermeer in Hell
Kenny Tanemura: Hiroshima Haibun; Siege of Sarajevo; Beit Shemesh
Rochelle Owens: Song from Out of Ur
Jonathan Travelstead: Fifty-Two Hertz; Lesson in the Sunday Comics
Guy R. Beining: 3b. eroseater; lengthening loss
Tony Sanders: Desserts with Some Opinions about Fruit and So Be It; Lost Romantics and Other Peasantries
Brock Michael JonesMovie Night: Baghdad, April 2005HopeTranslation
Nell Regan: Iowa City Sestina; Lieder; Mist at Dusk
Lindsey Waterman: Swivel Chair

Cole Becher: Charybdis
Philip Tate: Black Chevy
O.A. Lindsey: Evie M.
Chinelo Okparanta: Designs [ONLINE ONLY: Interview with Chinelo Okparanta by TIR poetry editor Rae-Winkelstein Duveneck]
Nathan Bradley: Encounters with the Finger of God
S. Brady Tucker: The Mountain Man’s Relativity Theory
Raymond Fleischmann: You Need to Stop This, You Need to Disappear
Terry Hertzler: Missionaries in the Cornfields; How I Came Home; A Brotherhood of Birds; Firestorm: San Diego 2007; Legacy
Usman Rafi: Refugees in Recession

John Teschner: On Drones 
Aleš Šteger (trans. Brian Henry): Guilt at Lindenstrasse 9

Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López (trans. Erica Mena): The Eternonaut

The Combat Paper Project — works by Drew Cameron, Drew Luan Matott, Jesse Albrecht, and Chris Arendt