Volume 42, Number 3 — Winter 2012/13

42-3 cover (children with masks)In this issue: landscapes on a train, accidentally stalking Rod Stewart, Flight 800 and Catastrophe Theory, multiple "multiple choices," sock puppets at Smiling Goat, a moody Woodsman with a rust-colored beard, Still Life with Power Tools, and where are you really from?

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Geoffrey Nutter: The Mercurial Wheel; Here Is a Clock Tower; Rapprochement
Joel M. Toledo: Wildfire; The Problem with Present Progressives
Erina Harris: The Shadow; Rocking-Man
Yang Jian (trans. Ye Chun and Gillian Parrish): In the Park; Small Town
Emily Hunt: Figure the Color of the Wave She Watched; As Long as Relief; Another Time Stopped; View from a Regular Fantasy; Last Night of the Year We Remembered Our Desires
James Shea: Air and Water Show; Multiple Choices; Multiple Choices; Multiple Choices; Multiple Choices; Multiple Choices; Multiple Choices; Multiple Choices; Multiple Choices; Multiple Choices; Multiple Choices
Ryo Yamaguchi: Post; Perfect Attendance
Cole Swensen: from Landscapes on a Train
Daneen Wardrop: Iridescent Panel with Green Crenellations
Aditi Machado: The Animal; Essay; Walk through Eucalyptus Lane
Eunsong Kim: Clepsydra; Clepsydra; Clepsydra; Performance for Debt
Anzhelina Polonskaya (trans. Andrew Wachtel): Oh, Night; Old Age
Tomas Venclova (trans. Rimas Uzgiris): Nel mezzo del camin di nostra vita; [Humidity at the Unawaited Continent’s Edge]
D.A. Powell: See You Later

Ramon Isao: Rod Stewart Is Everywhere
Molly Patterson: Don’t Let Them Catch You
Kyle Minor: Seven Stories about Kenel of Koulèv-Ville
Emily Martin: Claude Piron Beholds His Beloved
Bonnie Nadzam: On Longing
Thisbe Nissen: The Challenger Disaster at Smiling Goat

Anna Vodicka: Aerial Perspectives on Plumbing, Heating, and Electrical
Bernadette Esposito: The Principle of the Fragility of Good Things
Keane Shum: My Short American Decade
Marcela Sulak: Getting a Get



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