Discoveries: New Writing from The Iowa Review

Discoveries cover imageDiscerned, ascertained, unearthed, coerced, conceived, stumbled upon—discoveries can take many forms, announcing themselves, sneaking up from behind, hooking you by the ear, or whispering into it.

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Discoveries: New Writing from the Iowa Review is an anthology of stories, essays, and poetry selected from TIR archives for use in the high school or undergraduate language arts classroom.

If you're interested in adopting the reader for your class and would like a review copy, please e-mail us your name, your mailing address, the names of your class and school, and the month and year you're thinking about teaching Discoveries.

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Table of Contents


"Time and Distance Overcome" by Eula Biss
"Risotto alla Milanese" by Elena Bossi (translated by Cristina Piatti)
"Aperture" by Danielle Cadena Deulen
"A Feeling in Your Head" by Lance Larsen
"Alter Ego"; "Stairs" by Amy Leach
"The Ground Floor" by Yiyun Li
"D/Altered" by James McKean
"Swingin'" by Maggie McKnight
"SUV vs. Bike, SUV Wins" by Steve McNutt
"Discovery" by Ryan Van Meter
"Dragon Slayers" by Jerald Walker


"Ariadne Explains Why She's Mixed Up with A Boy Like Theseus" by Anne Babson
"Five Villanelles" by Jim Barnes
"Dandelion" by Malachi Black
"Watermelons" by Leslie Chang
"Inamorato: A Triolet" by Sharon Dolin
"True Illusion" by Alex Epstein (translated by Becka Mara McKay)
"Shorn" by Bob Hicok
"only waitress at the truck-stop who never uses the cash register" by Justin Hyde
"Letter to Rilke" by Jeanne LeVasseur
"Letter from a Mental Hospital"; "Class Reunion" by Kim Lozano
"When He Took Me Out with His People"; "I Wanted to Be an Angel"; "I Have Passed Too Many Years Among Cool Designing Beings" by Anthony Madrid
"World War III" by Fred Muratori
"Valentine"; "Valentine" by Kiki Petrosino
"Black on White: A Found Poem" by Todd James Pierce
"Nonetheless" by Donald Platt
"The Word for ‘Yeo’" by Heeduk Ra (translated by Won-Chung Kim and Christopher Merrill)
"Damages"; "See, If You Can" by Ruby Rahman (translated by Carolyne Wright with Syed Manzoorul Islam and the author)
"Moro or Congrí" by Jorge Sánchez
From Ten Miscellaneous Spring Day Poems by Zhu Shuzhen (translated by Emily Goedde)
"Bamboo Poem" by Dave Snyder
"Weight Training" by Emily Van Kley
"For My Father and His Mother" by Mary Jane White
"Y"; "When You Come to Lethe" by John Witte
"This dream the world is having about itself…" by Carolyne Wright
"Contemporary Meskwaki Social Dance Songs" by Ray A. Young Bear


"Helen of Sparta" by Jacob M. Appel
"Knock Knock" by Brock Clarke
"The Fish Shop Owner's Wife" by Mathilde Walter Clark (translated by John W. Clark and the author)
"In the Event of Emergency" by Amina Gautier
"Other Mothers, Other Sons" by Mehdi Tavana Okasi
"Shelter" by Susan Perabo