Recent Iowa Review Award Winners

2013 (published in 43/3)

Nonfiction: Laura Brown, "Fifty Things About My Mother" 
Poetry: Meredith Stricker, "Hazardous Materials"
Fiction: Elise Winn, "Honey Moon"
Photography: Colin Edgington, "Umbrae"

Meghan Flaherty (nonfiction); Rebecca Lilly (poetry); Ronit Feinglass Plank (fiction); Maury Gortemiller (photography)

2012 (published in 42/3)

Nonfiction: Bernadette Esposito, "The Principle of the Fragility of Good Things"
Poetry: Emily Hunt, "Figure the Color of the Wave She Watched," "As Long as Relief," "View from a Regular Fantasy," "Another Time Stopped," and "Last Night of the Year We Remembered Our Desires"
Fiction: Kyle Minor, "Seven Stories About Kenel of Koulèv-Ville"

Marcela Sulak (nonfiction); Aditi Machado (poetry); Emily Martin (fiction)

2011 (published in 41/3)

Nonfiction: Helen Phillips, "Life Care Center"
Poetry: Emily Van Kley, 10 poems
Fiction: John Van Kirk, "Landscape with Boys"

Maria Rapoport (nonfiction); Kimberly Burwick (poetry); Suzanne Scanlon (fiction)

2010 (published in 40/3)

Nonfiction: Deborah Thompson, "Mishti Kukur"
Poetry: Heather Winterer, "from Art's Garage"
Fiction: Kathryn Scanlan, "The Old Mill"

Maria Hummel (nonfiction); Jae Choi and Mary Pinard (poetry); Jendi Reiter (fiction)

2009 (published in 39/3)

Nonfiction: Karen Hays, "Dear Martlet"
Poetry: Anne Marie Rooney, "What my heart is turning," "Where my heart is going," and "Elegy in which I am not whisked away"
Fiction: Tricia Springstubb, "In the Dark"

Mathias Svalina (nonfiction); Jennifer Militello (poetry); Priscilla Sneff (fiction)

2008 (published in 38/3)

Nonfiction: Nancy Geyer, "Where the Children Are"
Poetry: Dave Snyder, "Bamboo Poem"
Fiction: Andrew Mortazavi, "Stop Six, Fort Worth"

Alexis Nelson (nonfiction); Mary Austin Speaker and Stephen Gibson (poetry); Jacob Appel (fiction) 

2007 (published in 37/3)

Nonfiction: Diane Mertens, "Tuesdays"
Poetry: John Colasacco, "Non-Arson Sonnets" and "Naked Women of North America"
Fiction: Randi Faust, "Displacement"

Naomi Wax (nonfiction); Mary Flanagan and Nancy K. Pearson (poetry); Erin Soros and Lidia Yuknavitch (fiction)

2006 (published in 36/3)

Nonfiction: Bonnie J. Rough, "The Birdmen"
Poetry: Margaret Monaghan, "Delft Farm," "Night of Terrible Ending," "Why People Put Each Other on Watches," "Field of Seed," "Dresden Stollen"
Fiction: Stellar Kim, "Findings & Impressions"

Abraham Brennan, Miho Nonaka, Sandra Novack (nonfiction); Allison Benis, Jennifer Chapis, Scott Glassman, Kristina Martinez, Susan McCabe (poetry); Katherine Gustafson, Adam Hunault (fiction)