Volume 42, Number 2 — Fall 2012

cover of 42/2The Food Issue. Er, Non-Food Issue.

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In this issue: anonymous macaroni, if God lived on my block, waiting in line at the food bank, a terrible concentration of hares, a bullock-cart to Chandapur, Blackfisk in Norway, Memaw on piano, the white shadow of afternoon, and falling in love over chicken-butt soup

Will Smiley: What Simon Said & Did; Motionless
Daniel Khalastchi: Notes from an Adjunct Professor at a Major American University
Zach Savich: Century-Swept; Brutal; Century-Swept; Brutal; Century-Swept; Brutal; Day Made Worse
Jeffrey Pethybridge: The Sword of Ajax: A Report on Democracy and Soldier Suicides
Sean M. Rumschik: Professor and Daughter
Arda Collins: 162
Stephanie Ford: Trophy; Stonefruit; Sarabande;
Exchange; The Birthright; Spending My Breath

Anne Babson: Ariadne Explains Why She’s Mixed Up with a Boy like Theseus; Getting Out
Paula C. Lowe: The Perpetual Melancholy of Pauline Larson
Tomaž Šalamun (trans. Michael Thomas Taren & the author): Glad to Meet You, Mrs. Šašljeva; [daphne, lipica, stricken lands]; Goatlings Dismissed?; [concerning the order of the female persons]
Alice Miller: The Lakes; Yes; When I Am Coming to Terms They Come
Desirée Alvarez: The Art of Bell Ringing; Pavane; Djinn
Mark Conway: from in the white house
Debora Kuan: [Suffer the sons-of-guns to come unto me.]; Fatherland; Doctor Addresses God I; [The difference between Doctor & me is that Doctor believes]; [What Doctor is/What Doctor is not]
Marosa di Giorgio (trans. Adam Giannelli): from The March Hare

Scott Butterfield: Autobiographobia
Ayşe Papatya Bucak: Iconography
Kimberly Elkins: The Awful Wondering
Venkataraghavan Srinivasan: Musafir: The Traveler
Veronica Raimo (trans. Diana Thow): Like No Mother
Wendy S. Walters: Norway

Meenakshi Gigi Durham: Hunger Pangs
Elizabeth Cullen Dunn: A Gift from the American People
Eleanor Stanford: Dewey Decimal: A Catalogue of Cancer
Mehdi Tavana Okasi: You My Blood
Naomi Kimbell: Bounty

Erin Kay Carnes: Digesting Dystopia



With the publication of every issue of the Iowa Review, we post on our website the latest Human Rights Index prepared by the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights to acknowledge the political and socioeconomic context within which we read and write. In light of our current issue's theme, we'd like to highlight once more the Human Rights Index on World Hunger, originally published in 2010.